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Production Process

The superior cut found in all Shozaburo shears is the result of using only the finest materials specially made for steel blades and by apply traditional craftsmanship developed over the years.In the past, the processes involved in making shears, such as forming the handle, attaching, forging and sharpening the blade, were all performed by hand. Today most of these processes have been automated. However, at Shozaburo, we believe that the most important function of the shears is the "excellent meshing of the steel blades", and so this portion alone is still made by hand, using our traditional craftsmanship. Shozaburo shears are made by combining automation to insure uniformity, and a human touch for the more subtle areas.

All the process of producing Shozaburo

You can watch all the process how to make Shozaburo shears on YouTube. We visited the factory of Shozaburo and took this movie by permission of them.

0.Blade and Handle
First of all, blades handles are made separately. The reason of this process is that blades have two layers: Iron & Steel or Stainless Steel & Steel. This structure gererate amazing cutting.
The blade (a combination of high-grade blade steel bonded with extremely soft steel) is securely welding to the handle section (white heart malleable cast iron).
2.Die Forging
With a press, the heated blades are forged into the shape of shears.
3.Burr Removal
Excess section (burrs) which developed during the forging process are removed by the press. At this point, the shears are close to their finished shape.
In order for the blade to maintain its hardness, a heating process must be carried out. In this process, each blade is heated at the temperature most suited to that particular blade material, quenched, and then tempered. This process produce a blade that is both hard and able to withstand strong shocks.
he layer of impurities that formed during the die forging and hardening processes is removed from the top, outer and inner sides of the blade by a grindstone.
The grindstone is used to repeatedly polish the surface of the shears until all scratches and burrs are removed and the surface is smooth.
In order to maintain the sharpest possible cut, the inside of the blades must be meticulously sharpened. A tremendous amount of skill is required to produce shears with precision and evenness while still maintaining the gentle sloping of the blades needed for proper meshing.
After attaching the screw and engraving the necessary markings, careful adjustments are made to ensure that the blades mesh perfectly. Very slight adjustments greatly influence the cut of the shears. For this reason, this adjustment process is carried out with the greatest of care for each pair of shears.
Coating of the handle section is performed by a far infrared automatic coating device to ensure a uniform and beautiful coat.
During each step of the production process, experienced craftsman careful inspect the condition of each blade. Each pair of shears is used to cut a piece of cloth to confirm that an excellent cut has been achieved.