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Interview with Shozaburo

High quality pains me...

"Shears don't sell well.", says President Miura.This coment is something unexpected because Shozaburo is a company in business for 90 years and has a good name and reputation as a producer of shears and scissors.

He continues, "Japanese scissors as well as Shozaburo have much more sharpness than foreign ones. You don't need to push scissors with foreign scissors but slide blades with Shozaburo. This technology of our scissors is from making Japanese Samurai swords. I bet this is the highest quality in the world. You can use Shozaburo scissors for decades. That's why scissors don't sell well."

"There have been less sewing plants, and less people done sewing in Japan. You don't need to make clothes because there are a lot of ready-to-wear fashions in the market, but we'll still make good scissros for customers who need them."

Making good scissors is Shozaburo tradition

"There's no problem as long as we make good scissors even though less people purchase them. This belief will engender user's trust and spread by word of mouth." The words based on experience are convincing.

The Shozaburo brand represents Japanese scissors. Most of the processes have been automated. However, at Shozaburo, it is believed that the most important function of the shears is the "excellent meshing of the steel blades", and so this portion alone is still made by hand, using traditional craftsmanship.

"We don't have any corporate secrets. We'll show you everything because nobody could copy our products.", says President Miura. He has much confidence and pride as a craftsman and business manager. " I want children to come, see our factory and feel craftsman's soul so that they will become careful about things."

"Nothing but scissors"

This message tells that they will never compromise the quality of making scissors and want to deliver such nice tools.