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Please check the FAQ below before contacting us.

Do you wholesale scissors internationally?
Yes, we do. Please give us an email here.
Can I return or exchage purchased goods?
Yes, we do only when the goods that you purchased at our shop are defectinve.Please give us an email here.
Do you issue invoice for the order?
Yes, we do. We always ship goods with invoice. It is necessary to ship with invoice for international shipment to go through customs.
Can I order by Fax, Email, or Telephone?
We accept orders by Fax or Email but not Telephone. Please give us an email here and let us know the information below:

1. Your Name
2. Postal Code
3. Shipping Address
4. Telephone Number
5. Item Name and Number
6. Order Quantity
7. Your Credit Card Number or Email Address for Paypal

Please check the shopping guide detailed shopping method. Please contact us?
By e-mail when there is an uncertain point.